Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mayes County Storytellers hosting story session at festival

MCS Storytellers: Betty Perkins, Roxann Grissom, Louise Evans, Bev Hart, Shaun Perkins, Deb Evans

By Valerie Kimble

Storytellers from Mayes County are scheduled to perform 3:00 p.m. Friday, June 3, 2011 at the Spirit of Oklahoma Storytelling Festival at Seminole State College.  Produced by the Territory Tellers, the statewide, nonprofit, arts organization whose mission is to promote the art of storytelling, the festival is in its fifth year and draws tellers and listeners from all over the United States.  

“Storytellers from all over Oklahoma, Texas and California will tell for two full days,” said Valerie Kimble, for the Territory Tellers Publicity Committee.  “There will be concerts, circles, swaps, exhibits, free ghost tales, and workshops.  Last year, listeners from all over the region and as far away as Georgia attended.”
Choogie Kingfisher

Beverly Hart, Pryor, and Choogie Kingfisher, Salina, along with Tulsans Darla L’Allier and Connie Neil Fisher will be telling a story during the MCS story circle, which is hosted by Shaun Perkins, Locust Grove. this story circle is from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 3.
 Hart, and Choogie Kingfisher will represent Mayes County Storytellers.  “Many of our members are not able to attend the festival this year,” said circle member Shaun Perkins, “so some of these storytellers are from neighboring counties”
This story circle is one of the ten local groups located all over the state who are affiliated with Territory Tellers.  Story circles, also called storytelling guilds, are informal groups of storytellers and story listeners from a community who get together from time to time to share stories, and information about storytelling events and opportunities.  They function like writers’ groups, where the members may share work in progress and get knowledgeable support and feedback.
Oklahoma is known for its storytellers:  Will Rogers, Woody Guthrie, Te Ata and many more,” said Kimble.  “So we have a wonderful storytelling tradition in this state.” 

“The Mayes County Storytellers are proud to be part of this,” said Shaun Perkins, co-founder of MCS and Territory Tellers’ liaison/webmaster. “We have been a part of the festival since it began, and we hope more people from our part of the state will continue to get involved with it.” 

Darla L'Allier

For more information, the schedule of events, or to print a brochure, visit the Territory Tellers website.  Register for the festival before May 20 for discounted rates on a festival pass.  Concert tickets are half-price or $5.00 for seniors and students.  Single program tickets will be sold at the door.  Stories are family-friendly, but not intended for small children. 

“Come on down to Seminole State College anytime on Friday or Saturday, June 3 and 4 to hear some wonderful stories,” said Perkins, “And to hear from folks from our part of the state, be sure to see us  Friday afternoon.”
Connie Fisher