Monday, June 4, 2012

The Troubled Man: Definitely Troubled

This was a book that I wanted to keep reading. I have read others in the series with Kurt Wallander as the main character, a kind of burnt-out police detective in Sweden. His character is very well-developed, and I get an excellent picture of him--albeit, I see Kenneth Branagh every time (because he played him in the BBC miniseries), but I am intrigued by old Wallander and his pessimistic wanderings through the case and his life.

However, this mystery/police-procedural left too many loose ends in the conclusion and an exceedingly bleak ending that was simply depressing. I didn't feel a sense of satisfaction when I finished it. I did finish it, though. So, it kept me interested. I kept wanting things to get better for him--I kept expecting that they would. I kept expecting him to walk off optimistically in the sunset with his dog. Oh well.

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