Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Books Half Written: Books to Write

Since I finished revising this latest manuscript, I have the itch to look at the old pile of them turning yellow in the file cabinet (or worse--perhaps become irretrievable on floppy disks). I did have some good story ideas. Do any of these interest you? Please comment, if so.

Landscape with Chair: About a teenage girl who is into art and painting pictures that always have a different kind of chair in them. She lives in the garage apartment behind her parent's house and has a boyfriend who turns out to be someone who likes to beat up on girls!

Minding My Own Business: A middle school novel about a 10-year-old girl who thinks something fishy is going on next door when a young couple moves in. The husband is a banker rarely there, and the wife is in real estate. Our young heroine discovers a land grab in her beloved old, eclectic neighborhood!

Alive End: A teenage girl develops insomnia and begins wandering the streets at night, discovers a drughouse, meets both a scary boy and a good one (but you know which one attracts her!), and has late-night conversastions with the graveyard cabbie.

The Lux Club: This was the first novel I tried to write, a middle-school one about three girls who lived in the country and had little Encyclopedia-Brown-type adventures. It's been too long since I've read it--I don't remember much else!

Getting it Right: Another middle-school book, an Okie take on the labyrinth/minotaur theme. The heroine loves Greek mythology and hanging out at the salvage yard near her house. However, the salvage man has something to hide, and she finds it in the maze of garbage!

Thunder Season: This is one of the romances I tried to write. A doctor falls in love with the owner of a pro basketball team, who is--of course, an insufferable misogynist, until she reforms him. Har! Another romance, An Innocent Man was about a parole officer who falls in love with her parolee and then helps to prove he was really innocent. Yar! I also wrote a romance about a country sheriff and a restaurant owner, but I don't even remember the name of that one. I tried to be funny in it. I bet it was awful.

Home by the Sea: This one was great fun, written for and about my nephew and his love of the ocean. I subtitled it "A Dream-Jumper Story" because I had great visions of a whole series of these. In them, a person was able to jump into their dreams for a certain amount of time.

There are actually more, but those are the ones that first come to mind. I also wrote a manual on how to survive high school English. I have a comic book about a character I created: Modern MzTerry. Lastly, I have a book idea that I've written a few notes about--the subject really interests me: how poetry appears and is used or discussed in films that aren't necessarily about poetry.

I need more time!

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