Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stop Being Boring: Non-Weather Writing Topics

On Facebook right now, there is a group called I Survived the Oklahoma Blizzard of 2009 with 722 members. As I search around for something interesting to read, while I finish my morning coffee, I keep finding posts about the weather. Really. Let's all collectively get over it. It's a boring topic--no matter how exciting the experience of "weatheriness" is.

So . . . what are some little-used, much more interesting topics to write about? Here is my personal wish list, in descending order of no specific order:

10. The description of a page that you remember fascinating you from your favorite children's picture book.

9. A serious comparison of a highly-esteemed author to a denigrated one (like Willa Cather and Barbara Cartland)

8. A piece of writing created solely from words found on wrappers and other items at the top of your trash can

7. A description of a new dance you have invented and are trying to whip up some enthusiasm for

6. The results of a poll you took at the post office or bank, when you asked exiting customers if they would like something from the condiment tray to go with their shopping experience.

5. Fake weather report seriously describing the opposite of what the weather was really like

4. Clues you have noticed that indicate Wal-Mart may be going bankrupt

3. No words--just pictures of pieces of driftwood shaped like different Lord of the Rings' characters

2. The transcript of a psychiatrist's session . . . in Lucy's office . . . for 25 cents.

1. The prologue to a book that will make you the next J.K. Rowling!

I just figured out I have some stuff to go write about!

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